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Please note - This is an updated Bitesize on healthcare cover, taking into account that the UK has now left the EU



For those that arrive prior to the end of the Transition Period (currently 31 December 2020)

Those covered at present by S1 Healthcare from the UK (State pensioners, those that work in the UK, and their dependants, or those on Exportable Benefits)

Under the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) that came into force on 1st Feb 2020, those covered under S1 will continue as before. You will also continue to be eligible to apply for your EHIC E card issued from the UK, which can be used as cover for Urgent Medical Cover in the other EU states.

If you have not yet reached state pensionable age, and the UK is your competent state, you will be able to apply for your S1, and consequently, your EHIC E when you reach pensionable age.

These benefits continue for life, as long as you come under the auspices of the WA

Those who are in work, either employed or self employed and covered under the French healthcare system nothing will change as France is your competent state.

If you have taken early retirement and are classed as 'inactif'. Again you are eligible for cover, after 3 months in the French Healthcare system under the PUMa (Protection Universelle Maladie) scheme. This has not changed with Brexit. The only change will be as above on reaching state retirement age.

One thing to remember is that Third Country Nationals can be covered by the French Healthcare system after 3 months - this will also be applicable to UK citizens living in France after Brexit.

Eventually all healthcare in France will be administered by CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie), whether you are in work, covered through PUMa or covered by S1 healthcare.

For those that arrive after the Transition Period and not covered by the WA as a dependent of someone who is.


You will be able to enter the French healthcare system as a Third Country National, after 3 months - but you must have comprehensive private medical insurance.

You will not (at present) be able to be covered, at any stage, by the UK S1.

There is an English speaking helpline for CPAM who are very helpful and informative. Their telephone number is 08 11 36 36 46

One thing to consider when applying for a Carte de Sejour is that relevant medical cover is required. This means either having cover through the French healthcare system (S1 or employed as above) or comprehensive private health insurance. It is expected that proof of either will be required on application.

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