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RIFT's Festive Message

Your RIFT admin team wishes all who can celebrate a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Big hugs to all those facing tough times. Here's to a fabulous 2023!

2022 has been another busy year for RIFT’s registered charity and on social media but slightly less of a challenge compared to 2021.

Our signposts in 2022 have been for many issues including; cross-border work, tax, medical, pensions, voting rights, WARPs, legal residency, children and education, EU, UK and French law, passports, nationality, working rights, schooling, EU citizen rights, travel, second homes, CAF and MSA benefits, ETIAS and EES, CdS applications and much more!

Here are RIFT’s "12" days of Christmas spread over 2022:

  1. Handling 500+ individual outstanding issues through RIFT email for various issues including outstanding WARPs, DCEMS and joining near family

  2. Advocating for a better system for children turning 18 and a focus on helping minors under the Withdrawal Agreement.

  3. Handling DCEM issues for children for fees and border control issues

  4. Helping joining spouses and advocating for a streamlined process

  5. Escalating online system glitches to the authorities

  6. Highlighting problem préfectures to improve their poor communication and unreasonable requests.

  7. Addressing the CSS issue for those with an S1 with the Embassy and EU Commission

  8. Holding regular online meetings with the Embassy

  9. Attending a successful face-to-face meeting in July with Dame Menna Rawlings (The British Ambassador) and seeing some great results from this

  10. A joyous Jubilee visit to the Embassy in June

  11. Attending a successful meeting with the key EU Commission staff and a chance to follow up on our official complaints in November

  12. RIFT statistics for 2022. For our main Facebook group - 22,000 members, 947 posts, and 16,557 comments. For our website - 30,627 users and 49,678 page views this year and 208,081 users and 578,478 page views since our current website started in 2019.

Our Facebook group remains open over Christmas for questions or updates.

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