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Touraine & Berry 36,37 & 41

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Admin:  Susan Walter

RIFT in the Touraine covers the départements of Indre, Indre et Loire and Loir et Cher. As the regional co-ordinator for the Touraine and Berry, Susan Walter will be facilitating social contact for people in our area. The focus will be bi-monthly apéro gatherings or picnics, but you may seek support and information online too. The physical gatherings have the aim of giving people a network of both French and British locals to share experiences, friendships and outreach.

Touraine and Berry.jpg

Mothers and daughters, different nationalities, get to know one another and form lasting friendships.


A typical apéro at the house of one of our members.


 Several of us have been to London to march a couple of times. This photo also appeared in the Nouvelle République, with an article about me and Brexit issues.



 Once a year we organise a picnic.


 In winter we are offered the bar of a village salle de fete for our gathering. That's the adjoint for the village propping up the bar on the left. He has been very supportive.

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