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Remain in France Together

Welcome to Remain In France Together - RIFT

RIFT is a registered charity advocating for and supporting UK Nationals and their family covered by the Withdrawal Agreement


We provide information about residency and citizens’ rights for UK Nationals and their families who established residency in France prior to the 31 December 2020, and for their eligible family members who plan to join them after that date.

Please note we provide limited information relating to moving to France after 1 January 2021 as a Third Country National (TCN). Our information in the main relates to those UK Nationals and their families whose situation affords them the protection of the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU.


Who are RIFT?

RIFT is a pro-European group, set up after the referendum in June 2016; our RIFT CR Facebook group has over 22,000 members. Over the course of the last 6+ years, we have helped those already living in France and those who planned a move to France, through the sharing of information and the first-hand experiences of our members.  Since 2016 we have worked to protect your right to remain living in France and will continue to do so.


RIFT is led by a team, currently comprising: Justine Wallington, Anne Berrurier, James Brannan, Alison Wyld, Suzanne Ferrell, Kim Cranstoun, Claire Phillips and Lucy Ogden. All members of the team are volunteers.

Find out more or join our Facebook group here.

The RIFT team, like many of our members, supported the Remain campaign and joined millions of others in demonstrating their opposition to Brexit.


Find out more here.

RIFT have written a number of reports relating to UK nationals and their families living in France.

Find out more here.

Our group, RIFT Working Across Borders, is specifically for those who live in France but work in other EU countries or the UK.

Find out more or join our WAB group here.


If you’re looking to exchange your UK driving licence for a French one, we recommend the Applying for a French Driving Licence group

Find out more or join the DL group here.


Remain in France Together (RIFT) is a registered association – Association Loi 1901 enregistrée sous le No. W112005854. RIFT work is licensed under Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International (CCBY-NC-ND 4.0)


The information provided on this group is for personal use only. The information may not be used for commercial purposes.

We are experienced in citizens' rights but are not lawyers & we do not give advice.

The information on this website and within our Facebook groups is for general guidance only. If you need professional advice, please see a lawyer or accountant.

Page updated January 2023

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