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Reports and Surveys


On 2 March 2020 RIFT published a report which detailed our concerns about the potential issues faced by many British citizens living in France following the UK's exit from the EU. 

You can read the report here


In 2021, RIFT conducted 4 anonymous surveys to take a snapshot of the situation with regard to applications for the Withdrawal Agreement Residence Permit (WA RP). Over 13,000 UK Nationals and their families completed the surveys.

The aim of each survey was to gauge what percentage of UK Nationals and their family members had or hadn't applied and to identify any trends which were emerging regarding timescales, documents required and any variations in the process by individual préfectures.

Our survey in June 2021 was conducted in partnership with the British Embassy.

You will find the results and reports of each survey via the links below

January 2021 (4098 participants)

April 2021 (5187 participants)

June 2021 (1423 participants)

August 2021 (2936 participants)

Page updated January 2023

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