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Thank you to everyone who emailed us regarding the issues with ANEF.

(The ANEF website is the site for foreigners in France who hold or need to hold a carte de séjour or a WA RP and need to make changes such as change of address or to begin an application for French nationality (among other things)

We contacted the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) and highlighted the following issues regarding the creation of a new ANEF account.

Creating an ANEF account

Open the ANEF website - click create account - enter details from the card exactly as written - receive the following notification - Certaines informations que vous avez saisies sont incorrectes. Veuillez vérifier votre saisie.

Trying to connect via France Connect

The situation is made more complicated by the 'ghost' ANEF account which exists when you sign into ANEF via France Connect.

Many members, who have not previously set up an ANEF account, have tried to connect via the France Connect system assuming that doing so will create an ANEF account for them.

Using France Connect to sign in on the ANEF home page takes them to an ANEF account which proports to be theirs (it holds some minimal details pulled from the France Connect information).

However when they attempt to access any of the ANEF functions, they are asked to merge their ANEF account with their France Connect account and in order to do so, they must log into their ANEF account and are unable to.

Some have assumed they must have an ANEF account and have forgotten the password, so have tried to use the 'Forgot Password' option. This generates a message indicating the operation was successful but the new password or password reset email is never received.

Having examined the information provided to us, it is clear that they do not have an ANEF account and that the France Connect option simply creates a 'phantom' ANEF account from which they cannot make any changes.

We have received an encouraging response from them which I have copied below.

Les difficultés que rencontrent actuellement les personnes titulaires d'un titre "Accord de retrait" souhaitant accomplir des démarches (changement d'adresse ou d'état civil, DCEM...) en utilisant le site internet de l'ANEF

sont la conséquence d'un problème technique général de maintenance du site, lié au basculement d'une ancienne base de données vers une nouvelle base.

Les services techniques travaillent activement à la résolution de ce problème.

Cette résolution devrait normalement intervenir d'ici le 5 avril prochain. Des tests seront effectués à cette date.

Nous vous remercions de bien vouloir inviter en conséquence les personnes concernées à se reconnecter sur l'ANEF après le 5 avril.

Si à cette date les difficultés persistaient, il conviendrait que les requérants le signalent à cette adresse de messagerie. Le service technique prendra dans ce cas l'attache de la préfecture compétente afin qu'ils puissent être convoqués en préfecture et soient mis en mesure d'effectuer leurs démarches.

Nous sommes désolés de ce dysfonctionnement et vous remercions pour votre compréhension

The difficulties currently encountered by holders of a "Withdrawal Agreement" permit wishing to carry out formalities (change of address or civil status, DCEM, etc.) using the ANEF website are the result of a general technical problem with the maintenance of the site, linked to the changeover from an old database to a new one.

The technical services are actively working to resolve this problem.

This should normally be resolved by 5 April. Tests will be carried out on this date.

We would therefore ask you to invite those concerned to reconnect to ANEF after 5 April.

If difficulties persist on this date, applicants should report this to this e-mail address. The technical department will then contact the relevant prefecture so that they can be summoned to the prefecture and given the opportunity to complete their procedures.

We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

What should you do next?

We would suggest that you try again on 6 April 2024 to create your ANEF account and let us know how you get on.

If you are still receiving the following error message - Certaines informations que vous avez saisies sont incorrectes. Veuillez vérifier votre saisie – when you input your card details, please contact the MoI as suggested.

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7 days ago

And having recieved the below. I managed to get in only to experience exactly the same problem as before, still cannot login and set up an account. I have moved and need to send my new address, any idea who i can send a registered letter to with my updated address?


7 days ago

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