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Are you experiencing issues obtaining your Withdrawal Agreement Residency Permit (WA RP)?

We appreciate that many have received their WARPs and have been happy with the process.

However, we note that many have expressed concern and have highlighted a number of issues.

We propose to bring these issues to the attention of the EU Commission and EU Parliament through official channels to help protect those who may fall through the gaps in the coming months.

If you have experienced any problems in applying for a residence permit or have other potential Withdrawal Agreement breaches, please complete this anonymous survey.

The results will be gathered and analysed by a team at the EU Rights Clinic who are helping RIFT and the results will be brought to the attention of those monitoring the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement with recommendations as to appropriate remedial action. In the last question, you will have an opportunity to provide comments and further explanation at the end of the survey, but please do not share any personal information.

Our survey is anonymous but we have set up an email address to which you may wish to send more details about your situation.

If you choose to do so you agree to Remain in France Together holding your information and sharing it with the EU Rights Clinic, the French authorities and British Embassy and other official institutions.

Please include your name, préfecture, application number & GED (if you have one) and a brief summary of your issue

Thank you from RIFT Admins and the EU Rights Clinic

Please complete this survey if you have experienced problems in applying for a residence permit or have other potential Withdrawal Agreement breaches to report.

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