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Postcards from the 48%

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

A very big thank you to David Nicholas Wilkinson for the great day that we had at Dinard Film Festival yesterday! There were large queues of film goers waiting to buy their tickets, but a lucky few from RIFT had reserved seats so avoided the long queue! But even the long queue was worth it - the documentary was thought provoking, inspiring and incredibly informative. Find an opportunity to watch it with family and friends, it’s highly recommended! I chatted with several French members of the audience on the way down to the beach, after the screening, for the commemorative photographs. They had all been dismayed by the results of the referendum, shocked at the speed of a nation’s disintegration and universally concerned for the future of Europe. Photographs on the early autumn beach brought another opportunity to meet, chat, question... famous faces, strangers, RIFTers and journalists. I can’t thank David enough for the unique opportunity to discuss with him, Catherine Bearder (MEP)

and Anthony Grayling. Catherine was very sympathetic to the difficult situations we are facing and proposed some actions we can follow up with her. We’ll be talking about this next week. A great day, I really wish I could have stayed longer, Dinard is a beautiful town. The seaside air and the company was exhilarating, Thank you again!

Julie Hall

You can watch the film on Google Play by clicking here (payment required)

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