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Updated: Dec 21, 2023

EMBASSY MEETING 25th January 2023

As you can see your RIFT admins take their work very seriously but we rely on you for occasional smiles as we navigate the stormy waters we all share post-Brexit.

Some of the team met with the Embassy today (picture during the meeting) and here are a few bullet points.

We’re keeping your citizens’ rights on the agenda!

Outstanding WARPs escalated - feedback given

Youth 16-18 - The Ministry has confirmed that 16+ years do NOT need a contract and just need to state they plan to work to secure a WARP. Ministry will be asked to update its publications.

DCEMs - delays processing and charging - we need to keep highlighting préfectures with issues

WARPS at 18 - no system in place - system expected online at some point through ANEF

WARP charges for lost/stolen/status/address - please keep informing where charged

WARPs joining family - no system in place - system expected at some point

CSS Top Up - dreadful timing by CNAM imposing this right after transition - noted by Embassy

Driving - the 16+ year WARPs will help and others younger for mopeds must ask for a DCEM before age 16

Onward Freedom of Movement - advised RIFT is advocating

Votes 15 years - advised RIFT is advocating

Cross border - self-employed drivers Geneva airport +/- 150 affected - Embassy feels there is ambiguity over how the bilateral agreement with Switzerland affects French resident workers and has undertaken to liaise with the British Embassy in Switzerland

- issues getting their workers S1s renewed. The embassy noted for HMRC.

- Pension claim delays HMRC - Embassy noted.

- UK companies having employers’ compulsory insurance cancelled by insurers - Embassy noted

The Embassy is in very regular contact with the Ministries that impact UK nationals in France.

Other issues were covered during the meeting such as the UK now being associated with Horizon Europe (research and innovation).

Do keep giving feedback when you encounter issues.

Finally - We offered RIFT Facebook members as guinea pigs for the new system trials before the launch :-)

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