Post Brexit

- No deal

We know the UK Parliament passed a law saying they don't want to leave without a deal but it can still happen. We would lose our rights. France has put in place a no deal decree which offers existing residents some protection. See the links section for the decree.


  • There will be a transition period and you will have 6 months to apply for a card.  


  • Those with 5 years or more residence will have to apply for a carte de resident longue durée. This is covered by the EU Long Term Residence Directive. If you already hold a carte de séjour permanent as an EU citizen you should enjoy an easy exchange. If you don't have one you'll have to apply with more information to prove your 5 year legal residence.

  • Those with less than 5 years residence will have to apply for one of the cartes de séjour listed in the decree. 


See the links for EU law on TCNs



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