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Two targeted surveys for UK nationals living in France - June 2021

Our Previous Surveys


Remain in France Together (RIFT) have previously undertaken two general surveys regarding the progress of applications for the Withdrawal Agreement Residence Permit (WA RP) by UK nationals living in France.


You can find out more here - Survey results January 2021Survey results April 2021

In collaboration with the British Embassy in Paris, we are launching two further short surveys to capture data from 2 specific groups

Survey A.GIF
Survey B.GIF

All UK nationals must apply for their WA RP by 30 June 2021 to secure their rights. More information is available on the UK government website or the RIFT website.


About the WA RP

WA RP - Withdrawal Agreement Residence Permit - is the post Brexit carte de séjour for UK nationals living in France by 31/12/2020 - known in French as titre/carte de séjour ‘accord de retrait’ – the card is marked ‘ARTICLE 50 TUE’.

The WA RP is different to the CDS UE – (residence permit for EU nationals, known in French as  ‘titre/carte de séjour citoyen UE/EEE/Suisse’). If you have the EU card, you still need to apply for a WA RP.


Example WA RP

About the two targeted surveys - Click the survey button to complete the survey

I have a pending WA RP application

Survey A is for those who have applied for a WA RP and their application is still pending i.e. they received an automatic email acknowledging their application but have not received any further contact or information from the prefecture.

Our April survey showed that circa 45% of those who responded were in this position.

Please DO NOT complete this survey if you have applied and have a date for a rendez-vous at the préfecture, have attended a rendez-vous, have been asked to upload extra documents, have not applied for your WA RP or have received your WA RP

I have not applied for my WA RP

Survey B is for those who HAVE NOT applied for French residency under the Withdrawal Agreement.


In our April survey, nearly 200 of the respondents had not yet applied for their WA RP.

Please DO NOT complete the survey if you have applied for your WA RP

Feedback on both surveys is anonymous, and we do not ask for your name or contact details.


It will not be possible for us to answer any questions which respondents may ask in the free-text answer boxes on the surveys.

If you would like to ask a specific question about your situation, please either join the RIFT Facebook group or post your question on one of the regular Q & A sessions on the British Embassy Facebook page.

The UK Nationals Support Fund (UKNSF)

The UK Nationals Support Fund provides practical support to UK nationals who need additional assistance when applying for residency.

The surveys will close at midnight on 14 June 2021 and results will be published on 18 June 2021 on

The RIFT team would like to thank the British Embassy in Paris for their support for our previous surveys and for their input in drafting the format and questions of these surveys.

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