Driving Licences 2021 Onwards


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Applications resumed on Monday 28 June 2021 for UK* exchanges.

The date of 31.12.2021 is no longer relevant, the new agreement below overrides this date.

Licence Issue Date – the agreement refers to this date, the French regard the date you passed your test as the date your licence was issued NOT the date your photocard/licence was issued.

UK* - UK, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey & Isle of Man



UK* Licences or Photocards, DRIVING TEST passed BEFORE 01.01.2021

Original UK paper licences or photocard, driving test passed, column 10, before 01.01.2021, continue to be recognised as legal and will be eligible for exchange either:

  • 6 months before expiration or your photocard (4b) or old original paper licence.

  • or you commit an infraction resulting in points to be taken.

  • or lost or stolen

  • or new category to be added to your licence

  • or deterioration/tatty original paper licence.


Expired UK* licence and photocard driving test passed before 01.01.2021, continue to be eligible for exchange.




Apart from f G H k l M n - these do NOT exist in France. 



UK* Photocard DRIVING TEST passed FROM 01.01.2021

Driving test passed (column 10) from 01.01.2021, will have 12 months from either validation of your visa by OFII or issue of your first CdS, whichever is achieved first.

If you hold EU nationality you will require official dated evidence of arrival in France, you must be in France for 6 months before you can apply and then have 12 months to start your application.




Licence Dates

4a = start date of photocard

4b = expiry date of photocard

Column 10 (back of card) = start of licence entitlement

Column 11 (back of card) = expiry of licence

Original UK paper licence expires age 70




It is French law that your Permis de Conduire is issued in your birth name. When you eventually get a CdS if you haven’t got one, that will have both names on it, until then carry a copy of your marriage certificate in your passport.



The paper counterpart to the photocard

This is no longer legal since 2015 and the advice is to destroy it, NOT to be confused with the original UK paper licence which continues to be legal and exchangeable.


NB: If you are resident in France you are no longer legally entitled to renew your licence in the UK. 



UK* Licence - Address

If you are unable to exchange your licence due to the current criteria, or you are waiting for a your French application to be processed, your UK/Irish licence is valid in France regardless of the address, providing your licence (column 11) is still valid or you are not yet 70 with the original paper licence (not photocard counterpart)


French licences do not have an address on them, therefore the address is irrelevant It is not a condition to exchange your licence.

It is only an offence not to change your address if you are a UK or Irish resident it’s NOT an offence if you have moved away from the UK.



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Accord post-Brexit sur la reconnaissance mutuelle des permis de conduire britanniques et français | Ministère de l'Intérieur (interieur.gouv.fr)

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