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Post Brexit - More than 5 Years residence

For these post-Brexit Cartes, we will focus on The Decree in Case of No Deal as right now we have insufficient clarity on which cards would be applied in case of a deal.

Please refer to the decree for full accuracy

This is our understanding 


Resident for over 5 years with a carte de séjour UE permanent


This refers to the more recent EU standard Cartes and probably not the old cards required before 2003 which were not renewed. You'll be applying for the carte de résident longue durée and we understand this will be an easy swap. You will probably scan your card and passport into the online system and then we expect you’ll need to collect the card from your préfecture. We don’t know if payments will be online or in person at the préfecture but have asked the Embassy to check this for us.  

Resident for over 5 years without a carte de séjour UE permanent


You'll need to apply for a card through the online system. You will probably need to collect your card at your préfecture. 

As a minimum have the following documents ready. 


  1. Valid UK passport

  2. A French standard set of Id photos

  3. Any carte de séjour - if you have one 

  4. Some evidence of when you came to France -examples - rental contract, house purchase, old ticket, Avis d’impôts...

  5. Proof of sufficient financial resources - see below (excluding income benefits except if disabled and receiving AAH)

  6. Proof of medical cover (ideally current attestation)

Sufficient financial resources?


You need to show that you have had at least the French minimum income support amount - called RSA. The decree states that level for pensioners over age 65 is also RSA and not the higher amount of Aspa (income support for over age 65). If you are a house owner (or other rent-free) your situation will allow for flexibility with these figures. If you are disabled and receive AAH you will not be tested for a minimum income.


You need to apply online within 6 months of Brexit date. A card will be issued within 12 months.


Even though settled status is free in the UK for EU citizens, we are advised there will be a cost of 119€ for each card. We are waiting for clarity on how this will be paid for (the fiscal stamps system changed in January 2019). 

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