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ANEF - Account Issues

Issues accessing Administration Etrangers en France - ANEF - accounts

ANEF is the website used to make changes, such as change of address, for your CdS/WA RP or for applying for French Nationality -

We are aware that a number of us are having difficulties accessing ANEF, either because we can't create accounts or it is asking us to merge our ANEF account with our France Connect account and we can not.

We understand from other groups that the issue is widespread.

We raised it when we met with the EU commission last week ( and would like to gather further information about the issue and the number of people it is affecting in the hope that a solution can be found.

If you have experienced problems, could we please ask you to email us at

Please put the subject as ANEF and include the following details

Your name

Prefecture name

Full details of the issue/s you are having - we may come back and ask some questions to clarify.

Please note - we will not use your name or any other identifying details in our escalation to the EU commission.

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